Hi, my name is Rexx Samuell
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Disciplined, Developing, Deploying.

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I'm a native of the Empire State of the South. I’m a web designer, a movement teacher, and a lifelong student. I believe that we are all capable of acquiring knowledge and learning new skills, thus becoming competent and confident masters of our trades. I also believe that simplicity of design, elegance in execution, and uniqueness of expression are what separate one business from the rest. That’s why I fell in love with web development.

I have lived many different lives – Shakespearean actor, personal trainer, movement teacher, physical therapy student, business owner, entrepreneur, consultant, barista, manager and more. I’ve learned a lot of different trades. I bring all of this to what I do. I read widely and deeply, and I try to find the most reliable, most consistent guidance I can. I love to meet people from all sort of fields and professions, and I love collaborating with them on new projects.

I design clean, simple, elegant solutions to a business owner’s desires. I can help you transform your vision into a crystal-clear presentation so that you stand out from the rest of your competitors. Or you simply shine in your own uniqueness.

I have experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery, Node.js and React.

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Robofriends React App

A React App that I completed on Andrei Neagoie's top-ranked Udemy course on complete web development. This project showcases my work in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React.

See Live Source Code

Omnius Food Service

A major website project I completed from Jonas Schmedtmann's Udemy #top-ranked course on complete responsive web development in 2019. This project showcases my work in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery.

See Live Source Code

Faux Tree Landscaping

A simple business project website to showcase my work with Bootstrap to a friend who owns a landscaping business.

See Live Source Code

Rogue 8 Yoga Studio

A landing page for a mock-up yoga studio. I ran my own yoga studio for 6 years, and I have over 20 years of experience in yoga, health and wellness, and business operations. I bring that experience into how I consult with business owners to design simple, clean and efficient websites.

See Live Source Code


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